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Accreditation- Laboratory

The quality of provided services is one of Toruń Waterworks priorities. The first step of introducing a quality assurance system in TW was accreditation of the Research Laboratory. The next step was the implementation of an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System in accordance with ISO 9000 and 14001.

The Research Laboratory of Toruń Waterworks received the accreditation certificate on 22.02.02, in accordance with PN-EN 45001 “General Competences Required from Research and Measurement Laboratories” Certification increases the credibility and prestige of the Laboratory and facilities its operations on the market. Accreditation by an independent authority confirms that the lab is competent to perform specific types of tests. Since the 16th April of 2003, the Laboratory has the AB 386 No. certificate, in accordance with the International Standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” (the new edition of the International Standard PN-EN 45001).

The ownership of the certificate is imposing the duty of continuous improving research methods and the introduction of modern laboratory equipment. Water and sewage are being examined carefully and the certificate of accreditation proves that the results of their analyses are reliable.

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