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Water supply network

Total length of the water supply system (state at 31-12-2014) was 568,07 km. The total number of water service lines was 9.563.

The supplying zones
The second zone of supplying (through the water pumping station “Stare Bielany”) which includes the housing estates:
- “Świętego Józefa”
- “Wrzosy I”
- “Wrzosy Gromadzka”
- “Wrzosy Słoneczne”
in the near future this zone will be including also the housing estates:
- “Wrzosy Leśne”
- “Wrzosy Polana”
- “JAR”
The rest of the districts of Toruń is in the first zone of supplying (water is pumped directly from water intakes).

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