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Wastewater treatment plants

Toruń Waterworks operates two Wastewater treatment plants:

- Municipal Wastewater treatment plant called „Centralna” located at the Szosa Bydgoska Street in Toruń,

- Wastewater treatment plant „Czerniewice” located at the Spacerowa Street in district Czerniewice

"Centralna" WWTP
The „Centralna” wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) treats sewage from the city of Toruń (domestic and industrial) delivered via the sanitary sewer system and combined sewer network and by septic trucks (the collection station is located on the plant's premises) as well as technological sewers from treatment process. The maximum hydraulic is 90,000 m³ per day.
The Central WWTP is a mechanical and biological treatment plant with simultaneous phosphorus precipitation with iron salts and biogas recovery.
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"Czerniewice" WWTP
This is a local wastewater treatment plant serving the Czerniewice housing estate. The plant's capacity is 553 m³/d and the quantity of effluent discharged at present equals on average 230 m³/d.Treated sewage is discharged to the Brzoza Canal.
The sewage treatment process line comprises the following equipment:
– arc screen;
– vertical grit removal chamber,
– two denitrification chambers,
– two nitrification chambers,
– two secondary settling tanks,
– two oxygen stabilization chambers,
– blower station,
– PIX dosing station.
Waste activated sludge from the treatment plant is transported by sludge tankers to the WWTP “Centralna”, where it is further processed.

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