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Water intake Mala Nieszawka

The "Mała Nieszawka" water intake is located at the boundary of Toruń and the village of Mała Nieszawka in the south-west part of Toruń. A 4.8 km long row of 23 wells runs along the edge of the middle terrace of the Vistula River.

The water treatment plant “Mała Nieszawka” (WTP)
is located in village Mała Nieszawka.


Raw water is delivered in a one-step system from the water network and is subject to treatment in the process of pressure filtration and disinfection using sodium hypochlorite. The water treatment plant is equipped with 8 units of storied rapid filters with a diameter of 2.400 mm each and usable height of 4.300 mm. The filters are filled with beds of quartz with grain size 0.7- 1.4 mm and height of 1000 mm. Iron and manganese reduction takes place on the filters. The achieved filtering velocities equal 7.25-10.4 m/h.
Filters, before being backwashed are blown trough with air pumped by a root-type blower. The water disinfection process takes place by dosing sodium hypochlorite with a commercial concentration of 12.5-14.5% directly to the clean water pipe after filtration. Sodium hypochlorite is dosed into water via a chlorinator. A capacity of 5.4-8.3 l/h allows operation of one chlorinator. A member of the WTP staff measures the content of available chlorine in water.

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